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Success reserved for those who….

In our recent article about why it is necessary to increase your digital marketing spend during COVID-19 we listed four industries that are inherently primed to excel through this trying time. That said, sitting idle won’t lead to this success so efforts must evolve accordingly. Today we’re going to take a more in-depth look at each of these industries and what they (you?) need to do to succeed amidst the chaos.

Four Industries That Will Thrive During the Current Health and Economic Crisis with Smarter Marketing

Insurance Brokerages

The concept of uncertainty is why insurance exists. It’s only logical that during times of extreme uncertainty that this industry will experience significant growth. Brokers connect individuals, households, businesses, and organizations to policies that cover a wide number of potential losses. It’s the ultimate risk management solution for a high-risk moment in time. But for brokers to make a difference in their clients/prospects lives it’s important to develop seamless and uninterrupted services, whether working in-office or remotely.  Otherwise, you could get left behind.

Thankfully, the solution is relatively simple. Insurance brokers need to become more visible and vocal than ever before. They just need to move their marketing messages from traditional channels to digital platforms where their prospective customers await. This includes the greater and more effective use of search engines, social networks, and email inboxes. When the crisis subsides and is over, policyholders will remember who was there for them through thick and thin.

Private Health & Wellness Product/Service Providers

At the moment, nearly everyone is looking to complement their usual health regime with supplementary and alternative products and services. Consumers are on the hunt for natural health products, full service physiotherapy (including acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, etc.) and home fitness equipment along with emotional health guidance. Like with all other industries found on this list, your consumer is on search and social media sifting through recommendations, studies, and various campaigns. You need to be there to communicate with them, or leave it to the competition.

However, you can’t go willy nilly with your marketing communications. There are very strict regulations in place about the claims you can and can’t make regarding the health benefits of your offering at this time. Be careful not to violate both consumer and federal laws. The fines and suspensions being doled out are enough to shut your business down. For this reason it is wise to engage an outside marketing team to help develop effective and revenue-generating strategies that abide by federal regulations.. View more on how to adjust your strategy as a health and wellness provider.

Food & Beverage

This industry leads the way as an essential product/service during the COVID-19 health crisis. Social distancing and isolation has put an all out halt to many consumers’ liberties to dine and shop where and when they want. If you’re a provider, you have a number of marketing responsibilities at this time. For one, you must communicate the health and safety precautions that you are taking to protect customers. You must also show that you are taking steps to maintain supply while demand is high or out of control. Lastly, you must let it be known that you exist, are open for business (as permitted by law), and that you have made adjustments to ensure online purchasing (where viable) in addition to easy pickup and/or delivery. Never assume that your consumer base already knows this. They have a lot on their minds and need clarity when it comes to what you have to offer. Reach them online through around-the-clock marketing communications.

Outdoor Recreation Products & Services

Summer is coming. While social distancing will be mandated for the near future there will be little to keep people from heading outdoors in search of sanctuary from where they’ve been holed up for weeks. They will be hitting the waterways, bike paths, hiking trails, and permitted parks for activities and exercise. This will occur even more with travel restrictions (even when lifted) increasing the number of staycations through the season. Sellers of outdoor recreational gear and related products and services will reap the benefits, but only if they start running their new marketing strategy today. This online strategy must integrate more robust eCommerce capabilities, ramped up SEO, more frequent social networking, and much more creative email campaigning.

If you’ve read through everything above then you can see that the strategy is not all that different for each of the four high-opportunity industries. All require website development updates, SEO, PPC, social media, and email. Execution however, will be significantly different. You need a digital marketing partner who has the requisite experience and in-depth understanding of your industry. Strategic Consulting Group can be that partner. Our diverse team affords us a marketing knowledge base that few other firms can match. Contact us today at 604.420.4110 for a friendly conversation about how we can help you succeed during this unprecedented moment in time.