I Want to be on Google Page One!

That’s the first thing clients tell us when they call about our SEO services. Sometimes they
follow up with “…and I want to be above the fold”.

Sound about right?

Although contingent upon the industry, the average click-through- rate of the first result on a
Google search is approximately:

  • 30%, followed by
  • 17% for the second search result, and
  • 12% for the third.
The percentage of click-throughs declines as you scroll down the search engine results page.

So, they’re right. The value of scoring that lucrative “above the fold” page-one position, delivers a very clear ROI.
That’s why an investment in SEO is one of the smartest marketing budget allocations you can make. So, kudos to you for reaching out to Strategis Consulting.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

“The Best Place to Hide a
Dead Body is Page Two
of Google” —Dharmesh Shah

We can help!

How We Put You On Page One . . . Above the Fold!

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