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120,000 people in BC are searching for legal representation every month.
Shouldn’t more of them be coming to your practice?
Did you know?
74% of all consumers who need legal advice visit law firms’ websites to take action
BUT . . .
97% of law firm websites are NOT USER FRIENDLY
66% of law firm websites DO NOT have a contact form to allow visitors to request more information.
70% of law firm websites DO NOT even have a clear call to action!
People are using
to find you, but are you putting them off from choosing you?

in your Adwords campaign

Find your next clients based on where they are and what they search for.
Personal injury clients are likely to be in hospital or at a chiropractor.
Business clients are likely to be downtown or at a conference.
GEO TARGET prospective clients to within 200 meters by using their cellphones. Ask us how.

Get Results Faster!

➥ 17.6% more clicks turned into
leads than industry average
➥ 12% lower cost per click
than your competitors

More Leads
More Clients
More Revenue

How We Do It

➥No guess work
➥Proven campaigns that reach personal injury, criminal and other specialized legal clients
➥ We tailor your program:

Who to target
What to say
How to say it

The Strategis Advantage:

➥  Science of marketing. Art of communication.
➥ Google Premier Partner expertise
➥ Evidence-based Marketing

On Time
On Budget

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About Us

Strategis Consulting Group is a single-source marketing and business development consultancy.
We specialize in developing and enhancing clients' online and offline marketing effectiveness. We help clients Aim High, Work Smart and Get Heard.


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