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—A Necessary Evil?

Or, the road to greater profits?

We understand why some feel PPC is a necessary evil. This Google-controlled tool (Or Bing) has you thinking that you have no choice but to play the game. Particularly if you don’t have a strong SEO campaign to compensate for not running PPC ads.

Worse yet, without strategic campaigns there is a very good chance you are throwing away hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month. The more science you put into your plan, the lower your costs and the higher your lead generation and sales.


The Strategis Difference
in PPC Management

Many PPC marketers know how to get you clicks from ads. However, qualified clicks are one thing, while the ability to convert those visitors into paying customers is a different beast altogether. That is still another reason why many are losing money on their paid campaigns–their conversion rate is very low due to poorly designed landing pages. That is, until today.

Strategis Consulting’s design and conversion specialists work together to create landing pages that match the intent of visitors clicking the keywords, complete with a Call-to-Action that gets them to sign-up, request an estimate, or buy . . . on the spot.

If a good PPC account isn’t converting, in 99% of the cases the landing page is the problem.

—Brad Geddes


Now, you’ll see an ROI on your AdWords (or BING Ads) spend.
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