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Science of Marketing.

Art of Communication.

Science of Marketing

When you visit your doctor, you do not want him/her to diagnose your health problem or recommend a treatment by relying on gut instinct, hunches, intuitive guesses, or ‘it worked on Bob, maybe it’ll work for you. Let’s give it a whirl.’

No, you want your doctor to practice evidence-based medicine; the diagnosis and treatments that are informed by scientific research.
We apply the Science of Marketing to your projects. We drive for evidence-based effectiveness—market research, data-driven analysis, market testing, and measurement.

When developing a campaign, we draw on three fields of research:

1. Demographics: We work up a statistical analysis or profile of your target market. This is based upon geographic parameters, such as their place of residence or work, their income, education, age, gender, occupation, etc. This information, along with the psychographic profiles, is used to further describe and identify your prospects and customers, which is then used to develop promotional strategies that appeal to them.
2. Psychographics: We draw on studies of the people in your target market; their lifestyles, attitudes, beliefs, values, personalities, buying motives, and the extent of their product or service usage. These psychological profiles are then used to perform market segmentation.
3. Behavioural Sciences: This is the fun stuff and truly fascinating. We take the research on human decision-making and communication processes and apply it to your marketing campaigns. Understand how people make decisions and what influences their decisions is critical to effective marketing. Likewise, knowing your target market’s communication preferences enables us to tailor your marketing messages and choose the most effective delivery methods.

Art of Communication

We are equally passionate about creative communications. We draw upon big ideas, vision, insights, and intuition . . . then apply the art of communicating these ideas to our clients and their markets.

We recognize that the output of graphic designers, copywriters, and related artists are the heartbeat or the “art of communication.” Their creative work tells a story, communicates a message, and elicits an emotion.

However, their artistic output is part of the larger marketing picture that must deliver on the business objectives. Therefore, all visual and written communications must also draw on the three sciences mentioned above.

Measuring for Success

The science of measurement also applies to marketing and business operations. Measuring what we do ensures effectiveness, continuous improvements, and accountability. Was the marketing campaign successful? How do you know? What are the measurements of success? Asking these and other questions are critical to the cycle of continuous improvement. Measurement promotes waste reduction and increases effectiveness. No company can afford not to do it.

Strategis doesn’t rely solely on the numbers. They can be deceiving. What is needed is a deeper analysis of why the numbers are what they are; what are the influencing factors behind the numbers.

We stand ready assist you to develop the key performance indicators (KPI, that will enable you to know exactly the return on investment of your marketing and business development dollars.

There are no shortcuts. Successful business and marketing decisions are evidence-based.

How We Can Work Together

One of the most common questions asked by prospective clients is: ‘What about process? How will you go about handling our work and what are the steps involved?’

First, work to understand your processes so that our contributions will seamlessly mesh with your systems and modus operandi. This ensures effective and efficient teamwork throughout the stages of analysis, planning, and implementation.

The typical first stage of this process includes a preliminary meeting to discuss:

  1. Project parameters, needs and expectations, desired outcomes and results, as well as measurable goals for benchmarking progress.
  2. Confirm how you prefer to be updated on a project’s status such as face-to-face meetings, emailed communications, conference calls, and more traditional progress reports.
  3. Become acquainted with your approval process and key personnel for required sign-offs and approvals.
  4. Establish the terms of our collaboration, including invoicing procedures.
  5. Identify key deliverables required for project success such as strategic plans, creative concepts or media and other communication programs.

With that information, we then prepare:

  1. Critical paths or work-backs that confirm project deliverables and associated timelines to be circulated to your team and ours.
  2. Provide estimates for each deliverable for your review, input and approval, prior to any task being undertaken. We always work under the philosophy of, ‘No Surprises!’

Develop a benchmarking program that will enable us to check our activities against measurable objectives.
Our comprehensive approach ensures that you are involved at each stage of program development, that the various tasks and activities are focused on meeting your goals and that there are ongoing opportunities for interaction, building consensus on program development and confirming timely execution on deliverables.

About Us

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