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There is no substitute for a solid business plan that encompasses a corporate blueprint, human resource management, B2B/B2C lead generation, marketing, and sales support. Therefore, including all of these into your business development plan will work to make your business more profitable.
As a business consulting firm above all else, Strategis Group can work from scratch or take a half-baked idea, add the right ingredients, and set the table for insatiable consumer consumption.

Business Planning

Those Who Plan, Plan to Succeed

Business changes come at you fast—disruptive technologies, the economy, competitors, how customers shop. Subsequently, survival depends upon strategic business planning. A business development strategy is the North Star that guides your company through rough seas to success. Likewise, a well crafted business plan enables you to continuously adjust your sails to get you there.

Google “how to create a business plan”, then disregard everything you read. There is no cookie-cutter way to devise a business plan. It is a 110% custom experience that needs to encompass every nuance of your corporate culture, product/service, and target market.

Give life to your Business Development Plan

Every company is a living, breathing entity, with its own unique personality. Likewise, the persona of each business is defined by its leadership, its employees and the products or services that it provides. Each organization’s personality is further shaped by the industry or sector and the communities within which it operate.

It is within this constantly evolving environment that your business needs to remain sensitive and responsive to the rapid changes that occur around you—locally, regionally and globally. Furthermore, there is no substitute for a solid business development plan that encompasses a corporate blueprint, strategic human resources plan, marketing lead generation, and sales support.

During Strategis Consulting’s brand discovery phase, we learn everything about your business and it’s value proposition. As a result, only then are we able to gauge what makes you and your offering unique. From there, we build your plan brick-by-brick. Built into the plan is a strategy of responsiveness, that accounts for speed of market changes.

Learn how we can give your business “lift”!

Plan to succeed

Companies that excel at leading nurturing

Generate 50% more sales-ready leads

at 33% lower cost

Get Leads that Profit.

Sales Strategy

Putting People First

When it comes to B2B conversion there is not a more effective tool than a voice. For all of the digital bells and whistles in sales today they cannot compete with a professionally trained sales person. As has been noted, the ability to gauge tone or body language and all of the other nuances exclusive to human interaction cannot be matched by a computer. Sorry SkyNet.

But before your business can be armed with a staff of lead-closing machines they need to be programmed accordingly. Strategis Consulting will provide you with sales support tools and help you find and/or train your sales staff.

Our Sales Support Services
  • Sales material and collateral creation (including script copywriting and print)
  • Provision of telemarketing and door to door “best practices”
  • Lead generation
  • Sales staff development, training, and human resource management

Put the Win in your Sales

Human Resources

The HR Challenge

It is no cliché that your employees are your company’s greatest asset. Therefore, the most strategically crafted business plan will fail if the right people are not in place.

In contrast, a business that has engaged the right people will succeed—even with a ho-hum plan. After all, they will find a way to make it work no matter what.

The strength of your HR plan to engage, motivate and develop your team spells success even in turbulent economic times.

Our HR Solution

We can help you get it right. We provide the tools to build a team that will move you toward your business goals.

Outsourcing.  Many peripheral components of a strategic human resources strategy can and should be outsourced.  Some of the benefits of outsourcing include:

  • Increased efficiency of HR activities with estimated cost savings of up to 50%
  • Sharpened strategic focus on core business goals; i.e.,
    “what you do best”
  • Improve organizational performance through
    more strategic use of employees; e.g. less time
    spent on HR processes
  • Increased corporate flexibility to meet changing business conditions; i.e., better able to adapt to market shifts
  • Enhanced business strategy decision-making by incorporating 3rd party neutral HR advice
  • Improved cost tracking for HR activities


Our Human Resource Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Document Employee Position Requirements
  • Recruitment Services
  • Management & Team Training
  • Employee Competencies, Development and Career Planning

Collectively, We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

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Strategis Consulting Group is a single-source marketing and business development consultancy.
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