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Human Resources Solutions

Putting People First

The HR Challenge

Success is a mix of doing the right things—right. Getting the human resources strategy right is critical. Here are some of the challenges faced by HR professionals in every sector.

Aging Workforce. Every sector consists of a high proportion of “baby boomers’ who are looking to retire in the not-too-distant future. In fact, 20.7% of those employed in Canada are 55 or older.  What does that mean for your businesses? A shrinking pool of workers.  Find and attracting skilled workers will become more challenging as each year passes. This lack of skilled workers has the very real potential to stunt the growth of any company.

High Employee Turnover. Employee turnover rates continue to rise. Various research shows that only 30% of Canadians polled stayed in their jobs for more than four years, and 51% staying in their jobs less than two years. This trend is unlikely to change.

Management Challenges of Gen X and Gen Y.  Hiring Gen X and Gen Y staff has often been a source of frustration and disappointment for employers. They seem to run on different fossil fuel than the baby boomer and earlier generations. There are upsides to hiring Gen X, and particularly, Gen Y candidates, however. Therefore, it is critical to master the introduction of Gen X and Gen Y into the workforce and the management of these two distinct groups.

Alternative Work Practices (AWPs).  Employees are pushing to secure greater flexibility in their work schedule and environment, while employers are pulling in the same direction as they see these changes as a way to improve employee productivity, increase their company’s profitability, and reduce staff turnover.

One size does not fit all, however.  Developing and implementing AWPs needs to be tailored to each company. Introducing performance-based pay systems is of particular interest to many employers.

Job Vacancies in Canada – First Quarter of 2017

Job Vacancies in BC – First Quarter of 2017

Our HR Solution

Strategis Consulting works on the premise of first establishing the strategic plan for human resource management. This embraces the entire workplace experience and addresses everything from recruiting, training, mentorship, benefits, internal social networking, career planning and productivity measurement and improvements. We provide the tools to build a team that will help you reach your business goals.

Outsourcing. Many peripheral components of a strategic human resources strategy can and should be outsourced. Some of the benefits of outsourcing include:

  • Increased efficiency of HR activities with estimated cost savings of up to 50%
  • Sharpened strategic focus on core business goals; i.e., “what you do best”
  • Improve organizational performance through more strategic use of employees; e.g. less time spent on HR processes
  • Increased corporate flexibility to meet changing business conditions; i.e., better able to adapt to market shifts
  • Enhanced business strategy decision-making by incorporating 3rd party neutral HR advice
  • Improved cost tracking for HR activities

Our HR Services

Document Employee Position Requirements

  • Develop job descriptions that appropriately reflect the education, skills, experience, and personality requirements for each position
  • Establish performance benchmarks, incentives, management strategies and performance review guidelines
  • Design compensation packages


  • Create ads and manage ad placements
  • Judicious reference checking and screening of candidates
  • Behaviour-based interviewing (we learn how candidates have handled key situations in the past to assess how they will integrate with your position requirements)
  • Negotiate employment offers and written contracts


  • Develop job training guidelines and calendars; coordination of continuing education required to maintain licensing

Provide staff training for:

  • Motivational training that will foster commitment,
    responsibility, and accountability
  • Communication and team working skills
  • Sales and customer service skills
  • Technical skills

Develop and deliver management training for:

  • Performance management
  • Legislative guidelines on employment and safety standards to prevent liability and reduce litigation

Employee Competencies, Development and Career Planning:

  • Map with employees their career path within the company
  • Outline and develop a motivational and behavioural change strategy
  • Facilitated resolution of employee and management issues that are often better addressed proactively through a 3rdparty


Canadians stay in one job for 4+ years


Millennials think appropriate time with one employer is 6 years or less

Top reasons Canadians have for leaving their job

37% – My relationship with my boss

29% – I was bored, unhappy with the work

20% – I found a better opportunity

14% – Poor fit with the culture


  • HR expertise and experience
  • We are committed to your success

Your company’s reputation, sales, customer service and profitability distils down to the calibre of staff that you employ. Get the support you need.

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