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Stop waiting for the phone to 

Our pay-per-call program will get your phone ringing with real sales calls that are 100% relevant to you!

Hello, is it Me You’re Looking For?

We know, this may sound crazy, but there are people out there who still like to have a person-to-person conversation. Those people are called customers.

Before anyone makes a significant purchase decision they want to talk with you, which is why Pay-per-Call (not to be confused with the other pay-per-click (PPC) is so very effective, especially when your sales force has been trained to close.

“Call Me Old Fashioned, But I Would Rather Hear Your Voice Than Read Your Text”


They Call / You Close

Strategis Consulting’s highly targeted Pay-per-Call campaigns reach prospects and clients who are in the final stage of the purchase cycle. They are ready to buy and are searching for someone to offer them the product/service . . . you provide.

There are no handcuffs or strings attached with Strategis Consulting’s Pay-per-Call system. There are no membership or termination fees, and calls that you receive are exclusive to you. No more fighting for leads that have already been given to your competitors. Our Pay-per-Call program will get your phone ringing! All you need to do is close the deal.

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Strategis Consulting Group is a single-source marketing and business development consultancy.
We specialize in developing and enhancing clients' online and offline marketing effectiveness. We help clients Aim High, Work Smart and Get Heard.


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