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Make Noise. Stand Out. Get Heard.

The Marketing Challenge

Communication has never been easier than in today’s marketplace. Branding, advertising, and promotions are everywhere and on everything—from the fruit we eat, to ads in public washrooms.

Yet, getting your company’s marketing message across has never been more difficult. The “noise” level has become a din; loud, cacophonous and relentless. And then came the Internet and websites and SEO, PPC, email, social media, video, etc., etc.

Does this mean that traditional marketing tools are now dead? Ineffective? Irrelevant?

Absolutely not! To rise above the noise level in your marketplace and within your sector, your marketing strategy needs the alchemy of both digital and traditional marketing—Tradigital Marketing.

How We Can Help

We’ll work with you to select the most effective strategies that harmonize both digital and traditional marketing tools to become a cohesive power house. The process is simple.

We analyze your:
  • Products/services
  • Business sector
  • Targetted customers and prospects

We then bring It all together to create:
  • Well-formed marketing strategy
  • Clear, concise messaging and arresting visual presentation
  • Integrated and consistent multi-channel messaging
  • Sustained marketing push in frequency and duration
  • Effective measurement and tracking of message reception among audiences


Define. Refine. Burnish.

Branding is the beginning of your company’s journey. Ultimately, your brand is a mix of the tangible (product or service), plus the intangible (perceptions, values, and expectations), that your customers attach to you, your product, or service. It’s the space that a product or service occupies in the minds of customers.

The “feelings” that a brand creates with customers are not always easy to articulate, or even well understood by them. Consumers don’t always know why they reach for Coke rather than Pepsi; Nike rather Reebok, or choose one service provider over another.

Nonetheless, that is the objective—to create a feeling with consumers that engenders a preference; a preference for your brand that they turn to first and repeatedly.

Defining and refining your brand is critical. All companies are living, breathing organisms; they continuously evolve. Customers’ needs and wants are constantly changing.

Is your brand keeping pace?

How We Can Help:

Whether you’re a start-up, need to freshen your brand, or see the need to really shake things up and revamp your image altogether—Strategis Consulting will help define, align, and refine your identity.

Developing Your Brand Creative

Corporate Identity

Logo / Wordmark
Corporate Colour Palette
Corporate Typefaces
Corporate Style Guide


Stationery (B.C, letterhead, envelopes, labels)
Branded invoices
Portfolios, brochures, other

Broadcasting Your Brand



87% of adults in Canada

read a newspaper each week . . . in print, on their desktop/tablet or phone.

Print advertising isn’t dead. Au contraire, it’s making a comeback in select markets. A bird needs two wings to fly. Effective marketing needs both digital and print media for full impact.

Why hasn’t print media gone away? For many it’s the tactile experience of holding a newspaper or flipping through a magazine—over coffee.


Broadcasting Your Brand

For as-long-as people keep watching TV and driving their cars, TV and radio will continue to be highly effective forms of marketing. Wherever your audience is, Strategis Consulting will identify channels best suited to your demographic. We will negotiate an optimal media-buy and develop messaging that breaks through the noise barrier.

How We Can Help

The Big Idea
Scriptwriting / Storyboarding
TV and radio ad buying

Break Through the Noise Barrier.

Outdoor Advertising

If You’re Looking for a Sign, This is It


of your customers live within a 8km radius of your business

If you’re selling tickets to an event you want bums in seats. If you want to raise awareness about your brand you’re looking for eyeballs. Outdoor advertising gets you eyeballs—simply, fast, inexpensively. So, ratchet-up your message with bus stop ads, billboards, signage on walls, stalls, and malls.

We have partnerships with some of the top outdoor channels in the country. We can indentify the locations where your demographic will see and experience your brand—frequently.

Get Outdoor Advertising with ROI

The conundrum of outdoor marketing is proving its ROI. At Strategis Consulting we’ve solved the puzzle of measurement, using a combination of techniques. You will know exactly what your ROI is from this medium:

  • Web analytics reporting to gauge increases in branded searches
  • Unique phone-number and URL tracking
  • Promo code integration and redemption reporting
How We Can Help
  • Message Development
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Design
  • Geographic Mapping
  • Ad Buying
  • Analytics

Be Seen. Be Heard. Sell More.

Your Goal: Change attitudes, motivations and behaviours toward your organization and its products or services. Whether your audience is the general public, your customers, shareholders, employees, media, or other influencers—public relations is an effective tool in the marketing toolbox.

At the macro level, public relations can be a multi-million dollar strategy. At the micro level is can be as simple as a handshake. In fact, every contact point that your staff has with your customers and prospects is a public relations moment. It’s employees who put a face to your company and create or contribute to its personality and culture.

Public relations, as a marketing tool, has two fundamental components:

  1. Reputation management (even more critical in a crisis that touches your company)
  2. Corporate branding, including products or services
    Strategis Consulting can assist you to develop an effective public and media relations program. The primary emphasis in PR is not on reach, nor on frequency. Rather, what counts is the credentials of the medium and the quality of the mention.


Public & Media Relations

Do Good to your Reputation and Brand.

Call Us To Discuss How Our Public Relations Experience Can Bring Your Company Into The Spotlight.

Tradeshow Marketing

Make an Event of It

Why face-to-face marketing? In-person interactions foster engagement and promotes relationship building. One-on-one or one-on-many meetings are preferred in cases where fluid decision-making is at play. Think negotiations. Face-to-face interactions are also important for the give-and-take typically needed for complex sales and decisions.

Studies show that in business attributes and outcomes, face-to-face interaction was critical for







How We Can Help

Tradeshow Marketing
Whether considering a tradeshow, corporate event, or a mobile tour, face-to-face interactions provide significant business benefits. At its core, such engagements create personal connections and build trust between a company and its customers. A warm handshake, an engaging conversation, getting to know customers and prospects on an individual level forms more meaningful and profitable business relationships.

Pre-show or attendance marketing drives traffic to your exhibit and generates quality leads. Pre-show communications with your clients and prospects using email campaigns, social media and direct mail are critical to ramping up your tradeshow ROI. Strategis Consulting will work with you to develop your messaging, exhibit, and sales collateral.

Though most communication at tradeshows will be face-to-face, you can use interactive tools to amplify the experience. Strategis Consulting will work with you to develop an on-site crowd-pleasing strategy that will draw an audience, and convert them to customers.

Post-show marketing is often the weakest link the tradeshow marketing cycle.

Strategis Consulting will work with you to develop a comprehensive post-show communications strategy that includes follow-up messaging to clients and prospects, using social media, your website and outreach email campaigns.

Call Us To Help Refresh Your Tradeshow Marketing Strategy.

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