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Website Design

Our Website Design Methodology

We’re a mighty little team that outperforms the big guys. Online marketing is what we do. Our lives depend upon it.
We’re fast but not sloppy. We’re lean, yet creative. We’re cutting edge but not the bleeding edge.
Our mantra when developing your website is: “But, does it sell?”


Does Your Website Have…

Aesthetic Appeal

Web page development is a balancing of the science of eye-tracking and the art of aesthetically presenting critical information. Our design team is equipped to provide all creative materials or is able to work with your existing brand imagery to create a site design that exceeds your loftiest expectations.

Compelling Functionality

It doesn’t matter what we think. What matters is what your prospective customers think. Website functionality ensures visitors find the information they want quickly, efficiently and in a logical sequence . . . to them. Our online customer conversion specialists will integrate proven calls-to-action throughout your website. Each page will encourage a customer action that translates into a purchase, an estimate request, or contact.

Simple Navigation

Everything important about your website is connected to the navigation, from content to URLs. Get it right, or visitors won’t stay. Our design and conversion team works to develop your website so that it takes visitors on a journey from the moment they arrive on your website to the endpoint of connecting with you. It will be as smooth as warm chocolate over a fudge brownie.

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Getting You Customers — Not Just Clicks


More People Likely to Purchase Something than Organic Visitors

Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns are crucial to your online marketing strategy. They can either bring qualified customers to your doorstep, or they can cost you thousands with little to no ROI. Strategis Consulting will optimize your adword bids to capture appropriate keywords that grab the attention of your prospects and encourage them to click-through to your website—cost effectively.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Getting qualified clicks is one thing, but the ability to convert those PPC visitors into paying customers is a different animal altogether. Strategis Consulting will create landing pages that match the intent of visitors clicking the keywords, complete with a Call to Action that gets them to sign-up, request an estimate, or buy, on the spot.

PPC Expertise:

Bing Ads
Google AdWords
Yahoo Gemini

Industry Specific Expertise:


Get Clicks . . . that Commit . . . that Convert—today!

This is not your traditional PPC campaign. Pay-per-Call is a highly targeted strategy which is aimed at prospective clients that are at the end stage of the buying process. They are committed and searching for someone to offer them the services/ product you provide.

There is no membership or termination fees, and calls that you receive are exclusive to you. No more fighting for leads that have already been given to your competitors. Our Pay-per-call program will get your phone ringing! Call us today and we will give you two free calls to prove it works.


Get your phone ringing with real people

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Putting You “Above the Fold”

If your website is not “above the fold” on page one of an internet search for your products or services it may as well be fighting for customer scraps in the big yellow book. Whether your prospects are searching using Google, BING, or YAHOO—we know how to claim prime real estate for your business’ website.

Hitting the Right Notes with the Right Keywords

But wait! It isn’t simply that your website scores page one for a select keyword phrase. For your online marketing strategy, it is imperative that your site reaches the top for multiple keywords and keyword phrases—ones that qualified customers are searching for. Our expert SEO strategists use keyword planning tools to analyze the current and ever-changing search trends, and then combine these results with an analysis of your competitors to develop an SEO strategy that is highly effective and within your budget.

Strategic Planning. Efficient Execution.

SEO is ongoing. To get on Page One and stay on Page One you need a detailed monthly plan. Strategis Group offers a range of monthly SEO packages that will suit your budget and needs.


Our SEO Services
  • Technical On-Page Optimization
  • Comprehensive HTML analysis and optimization
  • Keyword selection and page by page meta-tag integration
  • Ongoing On-Page Content Optimization
  • Branded blogging and info-graphic creation and scheduling
  • Off-Page Link Acquisition
  • Securing natural high-quality links to point to your website
  • Web Analytics
  • Google/BING Analytics and Webmaster Tools reporting and analysis
  • SEOmoz analysis
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Social Media

Staying “Top-of-Mind”


Social media can suck the life out of you, and your marketing budget. Or, it can cost-effectively keep you “top-of-mind” for the moment when prospects decide to buy.

Social media is necessary online marketing for two reasons. For one, the public expects it of you. They use social media as a reference to validate your business. If you don’t maintain the profiles they expect to see they deem your business to be irrelevant. Second, it allows you to connect and foster relationships with prospective customers. Strategis Group will help you make sense of social media, and bridge the gap between your profile and your customer.

Profitable Social Networking

Waste Management – Strategis Consulting is into “waste management.” We prevent and/or eliminate waste. Far too many organizations dedicate resources to social networks that don’t make sense for them. The path to relevant social media marketing, that is cost-effective, is avoiding a one-size-fits all approach.

Rather, we dig into the science of your sector, the demographics of your “preferred customers”, their buying patterns and triggers (behavioural and psychographic characteristics) . . . and then and only then, do we recommend a social media marketing strategy that reduces your spend and increases your leads.

Relevancy –An estimated 2.95 billion people will be using social media networks by 2020. But if your information isn’t relevant to them—you don’t exist. So, you need to be relevant to be heard and listened to. Strategis Consulting will work with you to develop relevant content calendars as a component of your online marketing strategy that motivate your prospects to engage with you via social media . . . and then ultimately buy from you.


Our Platform Expertise:
Get Connected for Profits


Streamline your Advertising

All business owners want to see the best ROI on their marketing budget. How can you achieve this? Hyperlocal helps you micro-target a market based on their Geo-location—where they are. This can be either their proximity to your business or to a relevant location that reveals their interest in what you have to offer.

How does hyperlocal marketing work? 76% of Canadians own a smart phone which have GPS receivers tracking the user’s location to within a few meters; this should be a key component to your overall online marketing strategy. We identify these potential customers using Geo-location and push out your ad to the apps that they are using. There are now over 260,000 apps that can be used to reach your audience. 

Own the neighbourhood! Do it with hyperlocal advertising!


By as much as 24%

Ringless Voicemail

Marketing Without Cold-Calling

You need to prospect for new clients but hate cold calling… we have a solution for you. Ringless Voicemail is a cost-effective way to reach potential clients or previous clientele that allows you to leave a targeted voicemail without their phone actually ringing.

It is 100% CRTC and FCC compliant. The Campaign helps you connect with warm leads who are actually interested in what you have to offer. You will be able to monitor the analytics of each campaign and see its effectiveness. But the fact your phone will be ringing like a five-alarm fire will be proof in itself.

Let the Calls Begin

Email Marketing

Deliver Your Message Right to Their Desk

The death of email marketing has been greatly exaggerated. Year after year, email continues to be one of the top performers in online marketing. Armed with the right strategy, the right list of prospects, and the right message delivered directly to their inbox—your customer list will grow. And email marketing can be one of the least costly methodologies available to you.

Ask us about our open rates and our click-through (response) rates. We’re confident you’ll like what you see.

Our Email Marketing Services

List Generation
Automation and Scheduling
Monitoring and Reporting



Get Opened. Get Clicked. Get Profits.

App Development

Designing You an App for That

Users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile Web. Add to that the fact that consumers have a shorter and shorter attention span. They want you to deliver your content in bite-size morsels and they want it accessible with as little tapping and swiping as necessary. Developing a responsive website for the tablet and smartphone market is only part of the solution. You may need an app, too.

Hybrid App Design – Fast & Frugal

The days of having your own app being a pipe dream have passed. Strategis Consulting subscribes to the hybrid app development methodology. This process allows us to tap into existing technology (versus building it from the ground-up) to deliver a custom app for your brand at a lower cost with quick turnaround times.

Hybrid App Cost-Efficiency

Hybrid app development uses cross-compatible web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript and utilizes a portion of native code for greater adaptability to your user’s device. Because this code is already “on the market” your end-product will immediately work on smartphones and tablets. Since Strategis Group designs and codes across these platforms your development costs are significantly reduced.

Hybrid App Development Speed

Hybrid development allows you to put your app quickly out on the market for mass consumption. Because the same HTML code is reused for varying operating systems and only a portion of the integrated native code is rewritten, your app will work on multiple devices in the quickest time possible.

Get your Brand in the APP Store

Video Marketing

Powerful. Persuasive. Profitable.

  • 200-300% increase in email click-through rates when video is added
  • 80% increase in conversion rates when video is added to landing pages
  • 64% more people will buy a product/service online after watching a video
Video marketing boosts your marketing effectiveness in 3 ways:
  1. Informs, educates, and persuades your audience to use your services and/or buy your products
  2. Creates a persona of your company; puts a face to who you are. We all want to do business with people we can see and trust.
  3. Improves the “ranking” of your website on search engines, which means your site, will be higher up on the prized “Page 1.” Online video marketing is one of the best ways to get your message out to the millions with just a click of their mouse.
Strategis Consulting can help you with:
  • Messaging
  • Script writing
  • Filming and Production
  • Broadcasting
Get Seen. Be Heard. Increase Profits.
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