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Tradeshow Marketing

Face-to-face marketing is the essence of tradeshows, conferences, and corporate events. Learn how we can amplify your face-to-face marketing strategies.

Tradeshow Marketing

Make an Event of It

Why face-to-face marketing? In-person interactions foster engagement and promotes relationship building. One-on-one or one-on-many meetings are preferred in cases where fluid decision-making is at play. Think negotiations. Face-to-face interactions are also important for the give-and-take typically needed for complex sales and decisions. Studies show that in business attributes and outcomes, face-to-face interaction was critical for persuasion (91%), decision-making (82%), and candor (78%).

Tradeshow Marketing

Whether considering a tradeshow, corporate event, or a mobile tour, face-to-face interactions provide significant business benefits. At its core, such engagements create personal connections and build trust between a company and its customers. A warm handshake, an engaging conversation, getting to know customers and prospects on an individual level forms more meaningful and profitable business relationships.

How We Can Help


Pre-show or attendance marketing drives traffic to your exhibit and generates quality leads. Pre-show communications with your clients and prospects using email campaigns, social media and direct mail are critical to ramping up your tradeshow ROI. Strategis Consulting will work with you to develop your messaging, exhibit, and sales collateral.


Though most communication at tradeshows will be face-to-face, you can use interactive tools to amplify the experience. Strategis Consulting will work with you to develop an on-site crowd-pleasing strategy that will draw an audience, and convert them to customers.


Post-show marketing is often the weakest link the tradeshow marketing cycle.

Strategis Consulting will work with you to develop a comprehensive post-show communications strategy that includes follow-up messaging to clients and prospects, using social media, your website and outreach email campaigns.

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