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Time for health and wellness businesses to step up

It’s an uneasy time for many industries as we enter the second quarter of 2020. But amidst the financial market crisis there is one industry that is performing extremely well. No, we’re not talking about toilet paper and cleaning product manufacturing, although they are killing it too. Instead we’re drawing attention to health and wellness product/service providers throughout the country and continent. If this is you, you have a large opportunity to grow your business in the months to come. But the sheer nature of the industry does not deliver revenue by default. You will need to fight tooth and nail to get ahead of the competition as they are already ramping up their marketing strategies. Below is an accounting of what you need to do to succeed.

Top 3 Ways Health and Wellness Business Can Grow Their Revenue Fast in the Tumultuous Times of 2020

1. Move Your Marketing Dollar Online

People are staying indoors more and spending an inordinate amount of time online. Not only are they following current events on online news and social media, they are moving their consumer activity from brick and mortar retail to eCommerce. They are not passing by billboards or standing near transit ad signage, nor flipping through newspaper advertorials over lattes at local coffee shopscafes. Their activities are online, and so you need to take your traditional marketing spend and move it to a digital format. We’re talking 90 percent or greater. Only then can you take a larger your share in the health and wellness business. Cover all bases in the digital marketing spectrum, which includes the following:

It’s also important to note that the foundation for all of the above – where all digital roads lead – is your website. If your site has not been updated in the past year then you most likely cannot keep up with competing health and wellness providers who have made the smart investment to do so. Act now, and read more on why it’s critical to increase your online marketing spend during times of uncertainty.

2. Position Yourself as a Provider of High-Demand Health & Wellness Products/ Services

Don’t leave it up to the imagination of consumers to identify your business as being essential to their needs at this time. For example, people may not connect physiotherapy as being one of them, thinking it’s only for injury recovery. But when you consider that manual therapy (massage) reduces anxiety which can prevent the release of corticosteroids which are stress hormones known to suppress the effectiveness of the immune system – a timely marketing message becomes clear. Push this out through your renewed online marketing strategy (as per above) and a clamor of new clients will be knocking on your digital door.

Health and wellness products/services experiencing *high levels of online search at this time include the following:

  • Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Natural Health Supplements
  • Plant-Based Meal Alternatives
  • CBD Products
  • Home Fitness Products
  • Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Fitness Wear

With online search for these products and services expanding you need to make sure your business is there (as applicable) to answer the demand. 

*As per Google Adwords

3. Be Careful To Not Make Exuberant or Unproven Claims

You’ve already seen it everywhere. Health and wellness providers are jumping online to promote products and services that can help boost immune systems and keep the population healthy. Inherently there is nothing wrong with this, as nutritious foods, natural health products and a variety of alternative wellness services can absolutely improve one’s immune system and ease symptoms of a variety of ailments. It’s OK to direct your marketing message towards these actualities, as you probably have been doing since the inception of your business. 

However, do not follow the same suit as some other businesses out there, whose marketing messages sound dangerously close to offering a cure for, or direct prevention against, current health concerns. Not only are there potential regulatory and liability ramifications, social media will be quick to dispute and refute claims, which can lead to significant backlash against your business. 

Choose the wording of your marketing messages carefully, or better yet – secure the services of a marketing strategy company to do so for you. For example, in addition to online marketing services, Strategis Consulting has experience in marketing strategies for both the natural health product industry, as well as the pharmaceutical industry and cares for both media and public relations for organizations. That means your communications will be created thoughtfully and assessed for risk to ensure that the only “response” is one that comes with positive engagement and increased revenue.

Stay Healthy!