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By Allemande Berryman, | 01/03/2018

There are more and more business’ popping up every day – from idealistic start-ups to entrepreneurs. Paychex surveyed over 1,000 people about their hopes and fears in starting their own small business. The results were astounding!

In the report, 31.7% of people were hoping it would provide more free time, while 40.4% were nervous of it taking too much time. 53.4% thought the business would go bankrupt, while another 52.8% thought they would make a lot of money. Such opposing views and concerns are common in the beginning because of lack of experience. If you are facing these fears, contact Strategis to help settle your woes with our 15+ years of experience!

After earning her degree at Simon Fraser University for New Media Journalism and Editing, Allemande has become an accomplished writer and editor. She is also certified in strategic social media marketing. Allemande fluently identifies the channel and content mix that is precisely right for your business and audience, conducts in-depth analytics for continuous improvement in your audience engagement and generation of sales leads, establishes KPIs and related metrics, and prepares meaningful reports that you can quickly action. Connect with Allemande.