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By Joshua Snape | 01/10/2018 12:26 

It’s so much easier for customers to relate to and trust individuals rather than a faceless corporation. In today’s digital world this represents a wonderful opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd via personal branding. On the other hand, the infinite cyber ocean that is the internet is a tough place to make a splash. How can you make your face stand out from the crowd?

The infographic below contains several excellent pointers. The first being that the best face for your brand is actually, wait for it…your face! It shows how you can ensure that your profile picture is a winner and why this is so important. It even gives tips on what colors to wear for your profile pic.

In addition, the Infographic explains how to write a better professional summary for your LinkedIn profile. Did you know that a staggering 70% of employers now screen candidates on social media before hiring?

To make your personal branding really pop keep scrolling!

Infographic from Best Marketing Degrees

Feature Image source: Forbes

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