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We all know what social media marketing is, we face it every day whether as strategists or consumers, but how do you get recognition on various social platforms? In this article, we will analyze 3 major companies and how they use social media to their advantage.

What You Can Learn from 3 Companies Social Media Marketing with Over 20 Million Likes Combined 

American Express

American Express: 7.3 million likes on Facebook

American Express (Israel) conducted a social media campaign via Facebook, a special rewards program for Israeli Amex card members.

By means of e-newsletters, messaging on monthly statements and Facebook Ads members were encouraged to participate in various activities including, uploading vacation photos, voting on their favourite Amex Ads and videos, completing customer surveys, registering for one of the company newsletters, and checking the company website.

In exchange, members received points that could be turned into vouchers and gifts including books, movies, and the grand prize – a trip for two to Barcelona.

As a result of the campaign, there was much deeper brand engagement with existing members. Greater customer insights were gained and the resulting customer advocacy from the campaign led to an amazing 36% increase in fan count on Amex Israel’s Facebook page.

Lesson: Find a way as Amex did to encourage user-generated content; this will lead to that content being shared by users with their own network which in turn will grow your audience.


Nature Valley

Nature Valley: 1.5 million likes on Facebook

Nature Valley has very successfully used Facebook to subtly market their granola bars, which are a small part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

The focus of their Facebook page is about embracing the outdoors, the spectacular beauty of nature, and the benefits of exercise. Product promotion is more of an afterthought.

Nature Valley understands and effectively executes the age-old marketing ploy of promoting a lifestyle and not a product. Of course, as they promote this healthy lifestyle they ensure that there is also an opportunity for consumers to buy their product.

Lesson: Connect your product or service to philosophy or lifestyle that people care about and then help them live by that philosophy; this will lead to brand loyalty.



Microsoft: 12.4 million likes on Facebook.

Microsoft may not be everyone’s favourite company, but they are winning a lot of friends by their strategic use of social media. For a technology company, their tone on Facebook is refreshingly “tech-free.”

Their Facebook campaign, hashtag “#5to9” focuses on time spent outside office hours. The strategy is to emphasize a work/life balance while also showing how Microsoft products fit in with your work and leisure.

Microsoft has made efforts to modernize its brand over the last couple of years. This merges with a new marketing strategy that fully embraces social media. In doing so they are making great strides in personifying their brand.

Lesson: Try to humanize your brand by dispensing with the jargon and getting down to grassroots with your audience, this will make your brand more accessible and appreciated.

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Josh SnapeJoshua is an accomplished writer, blogger and marketing consultant. His successful track record includes sales and marketing across four continents—Europe, N. America, the Middle East and Africa. Josh is also a successful entrepreneur and established his own marketing consultancy in Cyprus, which serviced clients throughout the Middle East.  He now enjoys living and working in Vancouver for part of the year, and spends the rest of his time in the Turkish Riviera working remotely to assist clients to communicate effectively in a wired world.  Connect with Josh at