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Online marketing and web design are two long-term investments that are crucial to any business; big or small. When choosing a marketing or consulting agency it’s important to do your research. Find a reliable agency with proof of product and an established reputation with their current clientele. The next thing to figure out is if you want to work with a local company or not. Working with a local agency has many advantages–here are our top 5.


5 Reasons Why a Local Company is Always Better in Marketing

1. Communication and Customer Support

In any relationship, professional or otherwise, communication is key. When you work with a local company for your online marketing and website design communication is made easier and customer support more efficient. Why is this? For one, you share the same time zone; thus, there is no concern for different hours and delays. Secondly, working with someone nearby makes customer support much more efficient. This is because when and if crisis or issue arises in-person assistance can be an option.


2. Networking

Partnering with a local agency gives you an advantage in other areas of business. How so? The company you work with will no doubt have different connections to a variety of businesses and industries in the area. This can lead to opportunities to network and connect with a broader audience. This also means they can aid in recommendations for any other services you may need help doing.


3. Understanding Localities

Every city and town is at least slightly different and unique to themselves. Working with a company in the same vicinity provides you with an advantage because they will already understand your audience better. This will help in online targeting and website SEO for your desired market.


4. Personalized Attention

Working with a local company provides you with specialized attention. From regular face-to-face communications, personalized marketing plans, and even meeting with executives working with local companies proves advantageous.


5. Increased Accountability

Another reason working with a company in your area is beneficial is increased accountability, feedback and trust. This is a direct result of regular face-to-face communication mentioned in tip 4. With regular contact and a good relationship answerability and support increase beyond a company in another area, province, or country can provide.

Local really is always better–If you’re in the Greater Vancouver area let us help you with your online marketing and web design needs. Contact us today!


Allemande After earning her degree at Simon Fraser University for New Media Journalism and Editing, Allemande has become an accomplished writer and editor. She is also certified in strategic social media marketing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and digital sales.

Allemande fluently identifies the channel and content mix that is precisely right for your business and audience. She conducts in-depth analytics for continuous improvement in your audience engagement and generation of sales leads through strategic planning and search engine optimization (SEO), establishes KPIs and related metrics and prepares meaningful reports that you can quickly action. Connect with Allemande.