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By Allemande Berryman | 03/7/2018 10:30

Everyone wants to work for a successful company. Sharing ad campaigns with your employees is a great way to build feelings of pride toward your company. This can occur quite naturally when an employee’s family or friends see an ad about the company and are prompted to discuss these with them.

5 Benefits Ad Campaigns Have on Employees

  1. Advertising reminds and intensifies employees understanding that they are collectively working towards the common goal of serving customers.
  2. Employees become more motivated to support customer-focused activities.
  3. They are prompted to consider the importance of their role and reflect on how the company’s image meshes with their own identity.
  4. Employees are more likely to believe that the organization is performing well when they see the company’s ads.
  5. When employees identify strongly with their company they are more likely to support the ideas and promises in the ads and believe that other employees in the organization will do so as well.

By leveraging ads internally, you are able to engage the emotional involvement of your employees to build identification, shared values, pride, and performance.

Ad Sharing

Ads may be featured at company meetings, on social media, or in some instances, displayed inside the company building. This is especially relevant when employees are featured in ads.

Impact of Using Employees in Ads

Featuring employees in ad campaigns amplifies employee responsiveness to ads. Additional benefits include increased positive perception by the public. Ads that include employees are often seen as more sincere, authentic, and trustworthy. Being included in ads also effects the employee themselves. Here are 3 ways these ads create a positive influence on others:

  1. Employees are likely to feel more involved in the company, to view the ad more positively, and to feel that their contributions are valued.
  2. When employees are represented correctly, other commitments or promises by the company toward its employees are more likely to be judged accurately.
  3. Customer focus is enhanced when employees feel proud of ads and when employees are represented correctly.

A Few More Stats 

Infographic from EveryoneSocial

Still wondering why this all matters? Check out what some studies have found about the practice and learn how your company can get started with the infographic below.

Still the best way to master effective relationships between employees and advertisements is by securing the services of a marketing firm that has experience in employee advocacy programs. For assistance with both your online and offline advertising connect with us today!

Additional Reading: Celsi, M.W. & Gilly, M.C. J. of the Acad. Mark. Sci. (2010) 38: 520.

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