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With so many online businesses focused on the up and coming mid-June Google Page Experience update many have missed some important happenings this month of May. The last thing that you want to do is carry issues over into what is anticipated to be one of the most impactful summer seasons (as far as Google rank is concerned) in recent history. Below is a quick breakdown of updates that you may have missed, and some that are happening right at this very moment.

Important Google Updates in May 2021 That Your Business Needs to Know About

May Starts With a Bang

On the last day of April there were rumblings from the search-engine news world, reporting on ranking fluctuations that really gained steam on Saturday, May 1st. There was significant speculation that this was related to the Google Product Reviews update that was released in mid-April, given that product review websites appeared to have been impacted. Google would not confirm this however. That doesn’t mean it was not connected, it just means that Google is sticking to their guns on not providing updates every time they refresh the particular algorithm, as per Danny Sullivan (Google Search liaison):

Google Updates May 2021

If you’re unfamiliar with the Product Review update, and you sell products online, be sure to read our article on how to adapt to the new algorithm.

However, SEO Roundtable reports that sites outside of the eCommerce space have also been impacted, and that this update is acting more like a core algorithm update than anything. It just so happens that eCommerce sites are included in the mix. If this is the case, what should you do? Nothing different than we’ve been asking of you for years – ensure that your playing by Google’s steadfast rules regarding SEO. Click here to learn more and contact Strategis Group for an audit. You’ll need to do so regardless to prepare for this summer’s Page Experience update.

A Mid-May Update for Good Measure

Beginning on May 13 and running for at least three days after, another supposed Google algorithm update was noticed by search-engine forums and the businesses that depend upon SEO traffic to drive customers and clients. Google gave no indicator that a large update was made, but did not rule out smaller adjustments:

Google Update May 2021

There are two key lessons in Google Search liaison’s Tweet.

For one, your website must be prepared for these sorts of small updates at all times. When following SEO best practices you have little to worry about. The second lesson, is found in the brief statement about content. Businesses that add new, original, and useful content tend to experience a lift in rank when these small adjustments are made. Those that do not, may suffer a drop in rank because in order for one website to move up, another must come down to make room for them. It’s a form of penalty, without actually being a penalty. Someone has to win, someone has to lose. Which side of the coin will you be on? Post great content every week and you’ll hedge your risk of falling in the latter category.

Stay tuned to more as we continue to update you on the moves Google makes each month. And remember, that mid-June Page Experience update is coming. Contact us for your FREE audit right away.