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IT companies have had a complex relationship with digital marketing for years. As tech firms, there is an initial assumption that they have a stronger understanding of how to market themselves online better than traditional businesses. That expectation quickly dissipates as they struggle to get new clients through online channels such as email, search, and social media. If you’re charged with digital marketing for your tech firm and have found that you can’t keep up with the competition it’s time to consider outside support. Sound familiar? 

We could provide you with a standard tutorial on the best practices of online marketing, but that’s the typical fodder you find on the web. Instead, you need guidance on how your digital marketing strategy should be executed. The key, is to look beyond your core service offering of “IT support”. Yes, you want to rank for and be known as an IT support provider in your locale, but that’s a tiny tip of the iceberg. Instead, you need to promote the verticals within your core service offering (IT support) by focusing on demand for higher-converting services that are considered a part of the IT support umbrella. By doing so, you sneak in the side door to get highly-qualified traffic while your competition spends its resources to cast a wide (and lower converting) net. Below is a breakdown of how to target your digital marketing strategy.

5 Services IT Firms Must Focus Online Marketing Strategies On to Gain Qualified Clients

1. Managed Services

This is the most general among the list, but is still highly targeted. Prospective clients searching for information on Managed Services Providers (MSP) have done their homework and know the difference between the definition of generalized IT support and Managed Services. These prospects most likely have a small in-house IT team (one or two individuals) and know that they’ve maxed out their internal capabilities. In turn, they are either looking for a co-managed, custom-managed, or fully managed solution. You need to use these exact semantics in your Adwords, SEO, social, and email campaigns to get their attention, and send them to landing pages on your own website that provide the details on your MSP offerings. 

2. Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity is the top IT concern for small, medium, and enterprise businesses in Canada, the U.S., and the rest of the developed world. Within that category studies find that ransomeware tops the list of cybersecurity concerns. You need to create a lot of optimized content (housed on your website) about your cybersecurity services, with a focus on both phishing and ransomeware prevention. If you use IT security tools that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, you must address this in your marketing communications too. Once again, highly-qualified prospects who have performed due diligence are looking for cybersecurity service providers that use these semantics in their marketing content. Deliver it.

3. Cloud Services

SMBs and SMEs are migrating data and productivity solutions (more on this below) to the cloud at a record pace and they need a digital transformation partner – YOU. One of your marketing silos must be dedicated to your cloud offering, be it public, private, or a hybrid. Generate optimized and sharable content about how you can assist with cloud migration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and support. 

4. SaaS Support and Subscriptions

Software as a Service (SaaS) management is a pain point for most businesses. It’s essential to successful digital transformation, but very few companies know how to leverage the near innumerable capabilities of the tools they are paying a costly subscription to use. This is why there is a large demand and search volume for SaaS support in your locale. Assistance with Microsoft 365 is the primary, and there is nary an IT firm that does not have expertise in MS 365 support. However, very few are effectively communicating this in their digital marketing campaigns. You will gain a significant share of the market by beating your competitors to the punch. Let B2B prospects know that you offering expert support and management services for commonly used SaaS applications, including MS 365, Salesforce, Google Apps, AWS, and more, as applicable. If you’re a certified partner and can offer more cost-effective SaaS subscriptions be sure to add that to your communications too – it’s a huge opportunity to draw initial interest and upsell additional services.

5. IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 

This is a massive concern held by organizations. As an IT firm, you can ease the stress through your service offerings, but first you need to let them know you exist to serve in this capacity. IT disaster recovery and business continuity is about so much more than cybersecurity (addressed in item #2 above), but preparedness for a variety of potentially damaging events. These may also include network outages from extreme weather events, internal error, and malfunctioning of critical IoT systems. Tailor your marketing strategy to address IT disaster recovery so that you can offer prospects peace of mind that you are the support provider they need to weather any storm. 

The nature of SMB/SMEs relying on outside support for their IT infrastructure is analogous to an IT firm needing the same for digital marketing. Focus on your business (and that of your clients) while Strategis Consulting Group manages your online marketing campaigns. Our team has expertise in digital marketing for IT companies and will create a customized plan to drive qualified prospects away from the competition, to you.

Guest Post By: Marcus Maraih – SEO Consultant