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By Joshua Snape | 03/19/2018 10:30

If you changed nothing about your website except the colour of your call to action button, you could still increase your conversion rates by about 21%. This is the power of colour psychology in marketing.

Can your choice of colours really make that much of a difference?

Consider McDonald’s, they chose red and yellow for their famous logo and branding. According to the infographic below, red creates a sense of urgency and increases appetite, whereas yellow is youthful and appeals to children. Would McDonald’s be just as successful if they had chosen different colours for their brand? You be the judge.

The fact is, although it is difficult to be dogmatic about colour evoking specific feelings in individuals because a lot depends on personal experience, there are, however, broad conclusions that can be drawn about colour perceptions.

When it comes to picking the “right” colour for your brand, predicting consumer reaction is vital. Why do your customers appreciate your product? Why are they drawn to your service? Answer those questions accurately through research and then choose the appropriate colours that appeal to those emotions.

As you peruse the infographic below you will see the rationale behind certain brands’ colour choices. Take a look, and see how colour touches emotions and influences consumer behaviour.

Infographic from: Iconic Fox

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