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The average person has over 80 apps on their phone and spends 198 minutes per day using them. It is also reported that mobile app revenue for businesses reached $462 billion in 2019! Mobile apps are crucial in the modern business environment. But why do you need an app?

5 Reasons You Need an App

1. Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing continues to be an effective strategy for businesses. Companies with omnichannel engagement average 91% greater retention rates than those who do not. In this age of instant likes and instant gratification, customers want convenience and options. By creating a mobile app, you are giving your customers both convenience and multiple choices.

2. Online and offline accessibility

A mobile app is one of the most versatile marketing tools. It increases customer loyalty and engagement both online and offline. How? By having the function to store data for offline use! Giving customers the ability to view your content with or without Wi-Fi/data use is a major advantage. Having both types of content on your app offers a quick and seamless experience for users.

3. Direct and personalized contact with users 

We all love to feel noticed and important. Mobile apps let your customers feel like they’re in the driver’s seat with personalized content. This user-focused content is based on users’ interests, behaviours, location, language, etc. Plus, with preference settings, users truly get to define what they want. From then on, the app will track their usage and offer relevant and customized content.

4. Powerful analytics 

One of the main parts of having personalized content is analytics. Analytics are the backbone of all online marketing platforms. Analytics answer important questions about the target audience, industry trends, impressions, etc. The great part about app analytics specifically is they are fine-tuned, precise, and detailed. You can easily track everything there is to know about your customers (within reason of course) and build on your user-focused content.

5. Location-based marketing and additional revenue streams

Also based on analytics is the ability to take advantage of location-based marketing. This geotargeting strategy goes beyond just knowing the location of your target audience. Apps allow you to send push notifications to your customers. These can prove to be incredibly helpful and not only for your revenue. Sharing location-relevant news and deals with your users maximizes usefulness and convenience – both of which are incredibly important to the modern consumer.

In the not-so-distant future, mobile apps will be a customary part of any company. Get ahead of the curve and start developing your app today! Contact Strategis Consulting for an obligation-free consultation.

AllemandeAllemande After earning her degree at Simon Fraser University for New Media Journalism and Editing, Allemande has become an accomplished writer and editor. She is also certified in strategic social media marketing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and digital sales.

Allemande fluently identifies the channel and content mix that is precisely right for your business and audience. She conducts in-depth analytics for continuous improvement in your audience engagement and generation of sales leads through strategic planning and search engine optimization (SEO), establishes KPIs and related metrics and prepares meaningful reports that you can quickly action. Connect with Allemande.