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We’re in the middle of the first business week of the new year, which means you’re already on the road to achieving the resolutions you have for 2021. But while you’ve set revenue goals have you plotted the path to getting there? One of the most important steps you can take is to ramp up your digital marketing strategy. Below we have listed the top five online marketing “to dos” that will support your resolve to make more money in the year ahead.

Top 5 Things You Need to Do to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy and Increase Revenue in 2021

1. Update Your Website

This leads the pack for all digital marketing action items. There has nary been a more important time to update your website than at this very juncture. In fact, it’s critical that you do. Why? Because Google has put the corporate world on notice, stating that online businesses have until May 2021 to upgrade their websites for the Page Experience update. View the details here.

You don’t think twice about updating the software that your businesses uses every day. Doing so would leave you vulnerable to a number of IT and subsequent productivity issues. So why put off updating your largest customer acquisition channel? Google is literally telling you that you will lose rank if you don’t. Contact us today to get started.

2. Increase Your Social Media Activity

It’s hard to believe that in 2021 some businesses still need to be reminded about the importance of using social media. Still haven’t opted in? Are you not posting your website’s content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at least 3-times per week? There are some pretty scary things that can happen to businesses that ignore the value of social media this year. The Google outage at the end of 2020 further validated the essential nature of these networks.

Begin the new year with an audit of your existing (or lack thereof) social media strategy. We’re here to help.

3. Blog More

For the last 15 years Google has stated that if websites expect to rank well on their search engine, that they (webmasters and businesses) must add fresh, original, and helpful (to consumers) content on a regular basis. Over the same period the digital marketing industry has collectively concluded that content updates must occur once-per-week to be effective in helping online businesses keep up with competition on Google Search.

Of course, you cannot simply add new pages to your website for the sake of it. Instead, you need to offer both Google and consumers (customers/clients) this fresh content via informational and instructional articles along with press releases regarding new product/service releases and anything else that can be deemed to be of interest to them (not your peers). This is where your website’s blog comes in. Your blog is the portal you need to host all of this soon-to-be frequently updated content. But in order for it to be effective, you must have trusted authors (as per this new Google update) and ensure that no article is published without it being search engine optimized. We will assist with both.

4. Try Paid Ads

Many businesses have avoided paid digital marketing advertising, be it via Google Adwords or Facebook/Instagram Ads. Despite what your trepidations may have been, you should know that some great updates have been made to paid online platforms in 2020, inciting even the most ad-averse businesses to throw their hat into the ring in 2021.

For one, Instagram has taken big steps towards making it easier for users to discover products and shop from brands such as yours when they introduced the Shop tab in November. Facebook led the way in this capacity earlier in the same year as they released a new online shopping experience. And to coincide with their 20th year in business, Google AdWords announced version 1.5 of the Google Ads Editor which includes new features to help companies improve ad strength and receive new recommendations for improving ad effectiveness.

Paid ads are a great way to test the market as it drives immediate and qualified traffic to your website’s landing pages. From there you can make more educated decisions regarding conversion rates and compare it to traffic (and conversions) coming from other sources. That said, managing paid online ads is a full time job, which we are happy to take on for you.

5. Start Emailing Again (or More)

Many businesses take email for granted but it remains to be one of the most effective ways to sell products and/or get customers and clients online. It’s there for you when other channels fail, and is the ultimate way to express gratitude and appreciation for both current and newly onboarded customers.

From here on in, encourage website visitors and social network followers to subscribe to your business via email. Let them know that in exchange they will receive tangible value, which includes exclusive discounts and offers along with the most up to date news about new product/service releases that will be of interest to them.

Let Strategis Consulting Group help you achieve the new year goals you have set for your business in 2021. We will take on all (or some of) the above digital marketing action items so that you can focus on your core business. Contact us today to discuss.